Integrated Test and Evaluation


U.S. Army Operational Test Command
Bldg 1660, Jeb Stuart, ATTN:  TEOT-IT, Fort Bliss, Texas  79916-6817
Phone:  915.568.4912 DSN 978 
  E-mail:  ITED


Parachutist on OTC event

The mission of the Integrated Test and Evaluation Directorate is to support the Integrated Network Test Mission.

Who We Are

bulletNetwork Test Division.
bulletNetwork Tech Support Division.
bulletLNO Office.

What We Do

bulletConduct essential coordination between the FID, AETF, evaluators, testers, and other stakeholders to set conditions for successful support of test and experimentation.

bulletProvide data to inform senior Army materiel and other DOTLMPF Decisions.