ManeuverStryker Mobile Gun System


U.S. Army Operational Test Command
91002 Station Avenue, ATTN:  TEOT-MN
Fort Hood, Texas  76544-5068
Phone:  254.288.1717 DSN 738 
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The mission of the Maneuver Test Directorate is to plan, conduct, and report on independent operational tests and experiments for Infantry and Armor systems in order to provide essential information for the decision making process for fielding and acquisition.



An operational test directorate that focuses on tomorrow's warfighters through rigorous, realistic, and affordable operational tests on selected combat systems that will ensure future battlefield success.

Who We Are

bulletThe test directorate for operational testing of armor and infantry systems.

bulletThe lead test directorate for operational testing of the weapons and systems of the Army's Transformation Force.

bulletThe lead test directorate for operational testing of the Stryker.

What We Do

bulletConduct independent operational testing for weapons, scopes, lasers, armored vehicles, and future combat rifles.

bulletContinue to provide personnel in support of the ATEC Forward Operational Assessment (FOA) mission.

bulletProvide rapidly deployable test teams to conduct operational assessments on systems in support of the Army's Rapid Equipment Fielding Initiative and Global War on Terrorism (GWOT).


Major Programs

bulletStryker Mobile Gun System (MGS).
bulletLight Weight .50 CAL Machine Gun (XM806).
bulletModular Accessory Shotgun System (MASS).
bulletThermal Weapons Sight II (TWSII).
bulletEnhanced Combat Helmet (ECH).
bulletGrenade Laser Range Finder (GLRF).
bulletAccelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI).
bulletNext Carbine (NC).
bulletOne-Tactical Engagement Simulation System (OneTESS).
bulletOperational Test Tactical Engagement System Comms Upgrade (OT TES CU).
bulletGround Soldier System (GSS).
bulletMounted Soldier System (MSS).