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Support to the Warfighter

FOA team member holds up US flag

Since November 2003, Forward Operational Assessment teams have provided the eyes, ears, and knowledge to senior Army leadership with their independent assessment of systems, helping Army senior leaders understand the importance of systems functioning properly and helping Soldiers understand how to best employ and maintain their equipment.

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The Operational Testers' Hall of Fame is representative of the long and proud history of the military and civilians who have been prominent in the conduct of military tests and experimentation since 1856.

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"OTC has been so faithful to provide mentors in the middle of a war.  It's just a measure of their character and the quality of their mentorship."Mike Owens, engineering teacher and Robotics team faculty sponsor, Shoemaker High School

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Here at OTC we pride ourselves as a community that fosters a family support system for you and your loved ones here in the heart of Texas.

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